All Taxpayers

 W2 Forms from all employers

 1099 Form from all banks

 Unemployment compensation and social security benefits received

 For students, bring 1098T tuition statement and 1098E student loan interest statement.

 IRA distributions on 1099R statements and contributions

 Social security number and birthdate for all dependents

 For direct deposit of refunds, bring void check for routing and bank account number

 For new clients, bring last years' tax return

New Health Insurance Requirement

     Was each member of the family covered by health insurance all year?

     If covered for part of the year, which months was each member covered?​

​     If insured through Covered California, please bring form 1095A and Form 3895

Taxpayers Who Itemize Deductions

 1098 Mortgage interest statement

 Both installments of property taxes paid during the year

 DMV license fees paid for cars and boats

 Charitable contributions, For non-cash donations exceeding $500, we need receipts showing items donated date of donation, and value of donation

 Medical and dental expenses exceeding 7.5% of adjusted gross income

 Employee business expenses exceeding 2% of adjusted gross income (state only)

Taxpayers With Childcare Expenses

 Childcare providers's names, tax ID number, address, phone number, and amount paid

Taxpayers Who Qualify For Renter's Credit Based On Income

 Landlord's name, address, phone number, and dates that the property was rented

Taxpayers With Stock Sales

 1099 form showing stocks sold during the year

Taxpayers With Rental Property

 Rental income

 Rental expenses; home insurance, mortgage interest, property taxes, repairs, advertising, cleaning and maintenance, management fees, utilities, etc.

Taxpayers With Self-Employed Income

 Gross income including all 1099-Misc. Forms

 Expenses: business use of auto, meals & entertainment, office expenses, supplies, license fees, advertising, etc.


What do i need to bring?

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